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We have some new exclusive content added, an interview with Howard Toshman, previously manager of Pop duet Daphne and Celeste, who went on to help Alice Martineau with immeasurable advice and also co-wrote 3 songs with Alice Martineau. Howard Toshman and Alice Martineau worked together for over 1.5 years.

The Alice Martineau Cystic Fibrosis Appeal Cocktail Bingo was an immense success, making an incredible 10,000!

Two guitar tabs of Alice Martineau songs now available in the multimedia.

I know the Alice Martineau site hasn't changed much in recent times, but rest assured, I still remember it and the Alice Martineau site will remain up and I do still have plans for future updates!

if you have any ideas or suggestions for the Alice Martineau website, I would love to hear them, email me them and I will respond asap!


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Time for reflection - news item originally posted on 6th March 2004

One year ago today, the world lost someone deeply special. Alice Martineau had a wonderful talent and she had something special that set her apart from everyone else. Her music is still reaching people today, making them think, making them feel emotions and bringing happiness to people's lives. Alice Martineau will always live on in our hearts, and let us not forget, each time we play her songs, how special she will always be.

I hope one day, that more people will get to know how special Alice was, I hope she will one day get the recognition, and fame she deserved. It wasn't about being rich with Alice, it was about the music, Alice loved music and she shared that love with us all, she shared her gift with us all.


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What you can find on Alice-Martineau.com

About Alice Martineau
The About Alice Martineau Section contains detailed information on Alice Martineau - documentaries, interviews, and articles. This section includes special information about the "If I Fall" Video shoot, including photos from the video shoot and an account of the day by a witness. The dutch sailing boat, the "Volharding", which was the setting for the "If I Fall" video shoot has also been detailed, including pictures, and specifications.

Alice Martineau Multimedia
As the name implies, this section is home to multiple types of media, first and foremost is the pictures section, with hundreds of pictures of Alice Martineau from various sources. Some of the pictures have also been made into wallpapers, icons, winamp skins, and even screensavers! An audio page contains links to samples of all of Alice Martineau's album tracks, with a choice of low or high quality versions. Finally, the games section has varying difficulty levels of quizzes, a hangman style game, a crossword and a highly addictive sphere game.

Lyrics for Alice Martineau's Songs
This section is pretty self explanatory, the lyrics in this section are the real lyrics as heard on the songs, with a different colour indicating where they deviate from the lyrics on the booklet enclosed with Alice's album

Alice Martineau Links
Once again, a self explanatory section, the links have been divided up into categories, starting with full websites devoted to Alice Martineau, then the smaller subsites (sites which usually have been set up by tv and radio websites), finally ending up with honorable mentions for both Alice Martineau related websites and sites recommended by myself.

The Guide to Alice Martineau
One of my original ideas for the website, and one which has taken a long time (and several updates) to finally appear. This section is dedicated to taking you through a crash course in Alice Martineau, if you don't know anything about alice, by the time you've finished reading this section, you should be able to complete the extreme quiz in the multimedia section!

Interact with www.Alice-Martineau.com
The new Interact section allows you to interact with the website (and not for the purpose of playing games!) This section features an E-Card service where you can send an E-card via email, the recipient will recieve a web address link where they can pick up the e-card which contains the message of your choice! We also have a guest book which you can sign, and read.

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Through this link you can send me an email, if you would like to comment on the website, or ask questions about the site or Alice Martineau, or complain about part of the site, feel free to e-mail me and I will try to respond to every email I receive (unless its spam :)

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