Credit to: Alice Martineau and Sony
Content from: Alice Martineau's Daydreams - Album CD

Alice Martineau - Daydreams album - Thanks
18th November 2002

to my family and friends:

most importantly I'd like to thank my mum -- without your tireless and loving care I wold not be here today; my dad for all your physio and back-rubs; al for loving me and standing by me for the last four years; luke -- I will always look up to you and come to you for advice (bad luck!), I couldnt have done this without you. livvy, my surrogate sister, aka the tart, thanks also to my cousins, uncle t, char (my biggest fan to date!), corrie and adrian for your continuing love and support; kate -- you are great and everyone who has helped me, you know who you are. to all at rbh: especially duncan geddes, khin gyi and liz bramwell -- I wouldn't have been able to make this album if it wasn't for you. you are all amazing.

to all at epic: thank you for believing in me and taking that risk which I thought no-one ever would:jo charrington, chris griffin, nick raphael, joanna burns, adrian williams, muff winwood, deirdre moran, angie somerside, joe bennett, alasdair george.

to everyone who helped me make this album: in the beginning; howard toshman for your immeasurable advice and great co-writing skills; michele chiavarini; terry adams; shep solomon. at the end; marius de vries, steve fitzmaurice, pete davis; kevin bacon and jonathan quarmby; magnus fiennes; jony rockstar; james sanger. steve elliot, simon jenkins, robyn calloway, darren young, natalie forsyth.

big thank you's: to my managers phil long and steve andrews -- we finally cracked it! thanks for your unquestioning belief in me.

special thank you's: to robbie williams, the boys from blue, especially duncan, ann harrison margaret cody, victoria brown, lorraine kelly, johnnie walker, julia hayball, mark simpson, alison walsh, sonya phillips, jo whiley and dave pearce.

extra special thank you's: to stevie -- words cannot describe how much you have helped me so i'll just say i love you; bayo for your undying support; david enthoven, where do I start? except to say massive hugs and thanks for devotedly supporting me through this huge rollercoaster ride. you have all helped my dream come

and finally: I would like to thank everyone who has brought this album and to ask you to please, please carry a donor card. contact: 0845 6060400