Credit to: Don Barrow
Content from: autobiography stage 5

During one of our marshaling forays into Belgium and France, Jonothan Bowles of Continental Car Tours took a group photograph of Colin Francis OBE, Derek Skinner, Willy Cave, Dave Kirkham, Don Barrow and Rob Lyall. The photo encompassed many years of rally navigational experience and little did we know what the photographer had in mind.

It turned out that some of us were invited to be the joint Clerks of the Course for the proposed charity event called the Donor Card GT, scheduled for October.

This all came about, following an article in The Telegraph newspaper highlighting the plight of 28 year old Alice Martineau, who suffered from Cystic Fibrosis and was awaiting a multi organ transplant. Alice said that if more people carried donor cards, so many others would benefit. And so the event was created by Jonothan Bowles to raise the awareness about carrying a Donor Card.

Based on Gaydon in Warwickshire the four of us were given a sector to produce a 30-35 mile touring route. The four routes each started and returned to Gaydon, were set out like a clover leaf thus giving entrants the chance to drive all the routes.

Paddy Hopkirk was re-united with his famous Monte winning 'Works' Mini Cooper - 33 EJB, where he braved the mixed weather to flag off all 80 starters. Dave Shields of Devilgas, took pics of all cars both at the start and the watersplash. The finish ended with a buffet in the high top observation tower where each crew received a finishers award.

Simon Rossiter the HRCR Chairman and event Director, together with Joe Rayner of the Sporting Bears Motor Club very happily announced that approx 8500 had been raised for charity. This figure included the generous donation of 600 from Julia Dawson and Jacqueline Sutcliffe who jointly organised a private charity luncheon to support the event. Well done ladies.

Paddy playing his ace Donor Card at the Start
Colin Francis OBE, Don Barrow, Willy Cave
& Paddy Hopkirk, Pesident of HRCR
prior to the Start at Gaydon - 2002

Following the article in 'The Telegraph' highlighting the plight of 28 year old Alice Martineau, awaiting vital transplant organs, the 'Grand Turismo', designed by the Event Co-ordinator - Jonathan Bowles of Continental Car Tours, is to increase the awareness of everyone's need to carry a Donor Card

Clerks of the Course - Don Barrow, Willie Cave, Colin Francis OBE, David Kirkham

Event Director - Simon Rossitter

Charity Official - Jo Rayner (Sporting Bears Motor Club)

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