Credit to: Colin and Jayne Preston (ICD Studios)
Content from: a Exclusive! talks to ICD Studios
14th September 2003

We asked ICD Studios, one of the recording studios which Alice Martineau recorded some tracks with, a few questions for the site.

ICD Studios is run by Colin and Jayne Preston, who also had some involvement with the tracks, such as:

Inside Of You - Original Production by Colin Preston
The Sunlight Song - Original Production by Colin Preston
Three Colours Blind - Written by Alice Martineau and Colin Preston

ICD Studios were located in London when Alice worked with them but have since moved to sunny Spain!

The Questions and Answers are as follows:

What was it like to work with Alice Martineau for over half a year?

What was it like to work with Alice? Of course I am Colin's partner so I did not actually "work" with her. Colin worked with her for about 10 months all in and when she felt well enough, or was not too busy with other things! We knew her as a friend for longer. She did a few live gigs when Colin played guitar for her. We always had an interest in what she was trying to do, and she always returned the compliment by coming along to gigs with artistes we were working with.......................... I remember she came to a gig which was on the second floor of a venue. She 'phoned me the day before to ask if there was someone who could carry her up the stairs. That's how much she loved being involved in music. It was never all about herself....................very special.....................

Everyone wants to know the meaning behind the lyrics of "Three colours blind", as co-writer could you give us any insight?

Alice's lyrics are, were, and always will be her own. For me personally, "Three Colours...." is probably best understood by a woman................

Has Alice and her music inspired or influenced you, since working with her?

As I said - it was Colin who worked with Alice. He has worked with many artistes. In the music industry you can always (and often have to) be inspired and influenced by trends, type of production, the charts, whatever................. But you rarely find an individual who has what Alice had. She had talent, strength, vision, purpose, focus..............she had one goal in her write her songs and let people listen to them. No pretences, no prima donna.............just Alice, her music and incredibly deep feelings.

What were you first impressions of Alice when you met her? did they change during the time you worked together?

My first impressions of Alice............totally dedicated to her music. Completely aware of the fact that she was up against an industry that can be so fickle in not recognising real talent. She was under no illusions, she always knew it would be hard to get a record deal. But she never, ever used her illness to further her ambitions. She was a number in the hat like everyone else. Did my impressions change about Alice? Yes, they did. I always knew that she was dedicated to her music - but her determination astounded me. Some days she could only sing a line at a time - but she just sat down, rested and then sang it again - until it was right. It didn't matter how ill she felt - she just knew how the song had to be................

If someone who had never heard about Alice before, asked you who she was, how would you answer?

That's a bit tough!! Alice Martineau is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter, whose ability to capture hearts and minds with her lyrics and music is quite extraordinary. I am so sad that she has only left us with only a little of her talent when I know that there was so much more. So what we have is precious.

What is your favourite memory of Alice?

Again - from myself................. She used to come into the studio, have a cup of something and then go straight into recording. About halfway through the session she would come out and ask me for a cigarette. She said it calmed her nerves before singing - even though she never lit it! Aside from this I have so many favourite memories of Alice. Her ambition, her love of music, her love of life. Her family were so supportive and she appreciated that so much........... When she eventually got her record deal I was absolutely over the moon! She had tried for so long, and worked so hard. Aside from this I think you know what Alice Martineau is all about - strength and love of life.....................