Credit to: Howard Toshman
Content from: a Exclusive! talks to Howard Toshman
23rd June 2005

We asked Howard Toshman, previously manager of pop duet Daphne and Celeste, a few questions for the site.

Howard Toshman was thanked on the album credits, and also co-wrote the following:

The Right Time - Written by Alice Martineau, Howard Toshman.
Too Late - Written by Alice Martineau, Howard Toshman, Michele Chiavarini.
Baby's Fine - Written by Alice Martineau, Howard Toshman.

"to everyone who helped me make this album: in the beginning; Howard Toshman for your immeasurable advice and great co-writing skills;"

The Questions and Answers are as follows:

Alice thanked you on the album, for your advice, what advice were you able to give?

Alice wanted to know as much about the music industry as possible so filling her in on the nitty gritty of the industry, also support, even though she was incredibly positive about her musical career everyone gets down from time to time.

You helped write "Too late", "Baby's fine" and "The right time"; which of these did you have the most input with, which was the hardest to write and which did you like the most, and why?

I would say there was an equal input on all three of these tracks, "The Right Time" was probably the hardest, it was also the first track that was written for the album, we played around with the idea for months but stuck with it because we just liked the initial vibe, we both really liked the production Marius de Vries added. Probably because this track was a long journey it became our favourite. Although "Too Late" definitely has an air of sadness to it whereas "Baby's Fine" has a great lyric.

What was it like to work with Alice, and how long did you work with her for?

Always good fun, she had an excellent sense of humour, we may have written some more songs if we hadn't been laughing so much. I probably worked with Alice over a year and a half period.

What is your favourite memory of Alice?

My favourite memory of Alice which there are many could be the gig she played, the one in the documentary, she was really good it was a total inspiration, I usually get bored at gigs but this was something else not just the music, a statement by Alice saying "look I'm doing this"!

If you could play one of Alice's songs to absolutely anyone, which song would you choose and who would you play it to?

This is easy, definitely "Inside of You" I find this an incredibly moving song, I don't know how people who didn't know Alice perceive it, if it would move that as much as it moves me ? This is a great song and deserves a lot more recognition in its own right.