Credit to: The Volharding's owner, and everyone at the video shoot
Content from: The then owner of the Volharding

Alice Martineau - If I fall Video Shoot
September 12 2002

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A sunny day, with barely a cloud in the sky. A perfect day for an outdoor video shoot. On the afternoon of September the 12th, 2002, The Dutch sailing barge, "Volharding" was the location for the video of Alice Martineau's 'If I Fall'. Scenes from inside and outside the barge would be captured from various angles.

"We had a great time that day," Recalls the then owner of the Volharding, "There was a large crew and they kept us quite busy. I had to take the cameraman and assistant out in our dingy for the tracking shots of the barge and the hand in the water sequence."

The interior of the sailing barge was used for several scenes in the video, such as the main saloon/lounge left

Which was for most of the interior scenes in the video, with Alice sitting on the back of the sofa, taken from various angles (see below)




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