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Alice Martineau - General information
Updated 3rd July 2003

Alice Katherine Martineau
June 8th 1972 - March 6th 2003

Alice Martineau, a wonderfully talented british pop singer/songwriter, born, educated and grew up in London. Alice draws upon her personal experience for inspiration in her songwriting.

She graduated from Kings College, London with a first class honours degree in English. Here she was able to develop her passion for writing and coupled with her love of music and performing she started to write songs. As a child she played both piano and flute.

Before being signed up by Sony, Alice performed at various places in London, including the 606 jazz club, the kashmir club, china whites, and the 10 rooms. She had also appeared on tv as an extra in various music videos, and has appeared on "this morning with Richard and Judy", "the sin bin" (on bbc choice) and she has also done an advert for MTV. In early July she appeared on a documentary for channel 4, Natural Born talent, which also showed a clip from her music video for "inside of you". There has also been a documentary "The nine lives of Alice Martineau" that has been shown a number of times, on bbc 3.

Alice had written a number of songs before signing up for Sony, such as: If I fall, inside of you, too late, sunlight song, breathe tonight, right time, baby's fine, and three colours blind. The album "Daydreams" was written over a period of about 3 years. some songs like "sunlight song" were written in about half an hour, while others took as long as about a month, such as "three colours blind". Alice found the easiest part was the lyrics which normally come quite quickly. Like most people, Alice's favourite song on the album was "Inside of you".

After Alice signed up with Sony, she released a single and album (november) the single was accompanied with a music video shoot in Wraysbury, taking place on a dutch sailing barge on the river Thames. Her first single, "If I fall" has 4 tracks, 3 of which are for "If I fall", and the last being the music video. On Alice's Album, "Daydreams", there are eleven tracks: If I fall, baby's fine, breathe tonight, inside of you, sweet fantasy, too late, the right time, the sunlight song, three colours blind, forget what I said, and nothing is forever.

A promotional preview cd was also being circulated, with 5 tracks: too late (album track), and previews: baby's fine, the right time, inside of you, and if I fall.

Alice Martineau's music has reached out to many people, although She has a small fanbase, her songs have been more than "just another track playing on the radio". People have been able to identify with her songs and find different meanings from each one. Each song is special in it's own right, and they are all sung beautifully.