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Alice Martineau :: Pet Sound
Updated 3 Oct 2002

Jo's Pet Sound this week is Alice Martineau - 'If I Fall' which is released on October 28th. Alice, a 28 ( author's note: Alice was actually 30 at the time of this article) year old singer/songwriter from London, was signed to Sony a little over month ago and has just completed her debut album in record time.

Her Album 'Daydreams', which is due out on Nov 4th, was produced by Marius De Vries (Moulin Rouge, Bjork, Massive Attack), Bacon and Quarmby (Sugarbabes and Finley Quaye) and Johnny Rockstar (Sugarbabes).

Alice suffers from Cystric Fibrosis but says 'the last thing I want is for people to see me as a victim...I'm a singer-song-writer who just happens t be ill'. Here's what she said in our quick fire question and answer session...

Favourite Current Single:
Coldplay - 'In My Place'

Favourite Current Album:
Coldplay - 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head'

Favourite album of all time:
U2 - 'The Joshua Tree'

Favourite film of all time:
ET or The Big Blue

Favourite gig of all time:

Most spent on a single item of clothing (Jewellry not included):
1000 on a hand made coat for my brother's wedding

Best moment of your life so far:
The day I found out I was being signed to Sony, or Robbie Williams coming to my gig.

Favourite thing you've ever seen written about you:
Too early in my career!

Least favourite thing you've ever seen written about you:
Too early in my career!

Perfect date (who would it be and what):
A chilled out dinner date with Bono

Other info:
Alice was an under 11s Scrabble Champion and is also good at table tennis. Her uncle was an eighties record producer who worked with rock legends Def Leppard and Judas Priest!