Credit to: Alice Martineau and Sony
Content from: Alice Martineau's Too Late - Promo CD

Alice Martineau - Too Late Promo CD

Alice Martineau is a singer songwriter from London who happens to be ill. She has lived with Cystic Fibrosis since she was born and is waiting for a transplant.

She has recorded her debut album with Marius de Vries producing. Eleven songs written from personal experience - simple classic pop songwriting - most are about lost love, or loss in general.

If I fall was a Jo Whiley record of the week on Radio 1. The video is playlisted on The Box, Magic and VH1.

As she says 'I dream about getting my transplant and getting better but the most important thing and the thing I am most passionate about is my music. I feel I have got something to share with the rest of the world and I do it through my music.'

Fine stuff **** - Q Magazine
Think Dido with something to
sing about - Uncut