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Alice Martineau information General Information pages about Alice Martineau. In this section, you will find a summary of information about Alice, from various sources. view this section
Although the Information Section looks a little sparse at the moment, new ideas are currently being thought up for further content and will appear at a later date!

General Information
A page that contains General Information about Alice Martineau

The Guardian Q and A
The Guardian does a Question and Answer session with Alice Martineau

Alice Martineau interviews Interviews with Alice Martineau from Radio and other media sources. view this section The two most well known interviews Alice Martineau has done are the Jo Whiley Interview (Radio One) and the Womans Hour Interview (Radio 4) The official site also has an interview hidden away on their site which I have included!

The Jo Whiley Interview
The Interview that Alice Martineau did with Jo Whiley for Radio One (taken with permission from the radio one website

The Woman's Hour Interview
A Transcript of the interview done for radio 4, typed up from the audio clip of the Woman's Hour Feature.

The Official Site Interview
The interview that appears on the official site, if you know where to look

Alice Martineau Interview
This interview appears thanx to the yahoo fansite! Well worth the read.

You magazine Interview
This interview is taken from the Mail on Sunday's YOU magazine - stunning, absolutely stunning!

Articles and TV
Alice Martineau articles Articles written by, and about, Alice Martineau. This section includes the Nine Lives of Alice Martineau view this section
The Article Alice Martineau wrote for the Telegraph Magazine played a big part in getting her recording contract. Following the article, Alice's manager, Phil Long got back in contact with Alice, shortly before they got Sony interested. This article and others since have been listed here.

Everyone's favourite Alice Martineau Documentary, The Nine Lives Of Alice Martineau, has been typed up in full here!

The Telegraph Article
The article written by Alice Martineau for the Telegraph magazine in July 2002.

The Telegraph's Article on the Donor Card GT
This article details the Donor Card GT Charity Event that was inspired by Alice's Article in the Telegraph.

Nottingham Post Article
The Nottingham Post talks to Alice's Manager Phil Long about Alice Martineau.

Marie Claire Article
The magazine talks to Alice Martineau about her career and her struggle with CF.

Don't call me a victim
An article found on the Yahoo fansite, another great read!

The Nine Lives Of Alice Martineau
The multiple Award nominated documentary that recieved several showings on BBC.

The 2nd Telegraph Article
The article bringing the sad news about Alice

Telegraph/Independent Obituary
The obituary article from the Telegraph/Independent

Charity Events
Alice Martineau events Write-ups, Articles, and other content regarding Charity events relating to Alice Martineau view this section
At the moment this section currently contains information on the Donor Card GT Event, the carols by candlelight carol service and the Alice Martineau Appeal! lets hope there will be many more events to list in the future :)

The Donor Card GT
The Donor Card GT Charity Event, as inspired by Alice's Article in the Telegraph Magazine

The Telegraph's Article on the Donor Card GT
This article details the Donor Card GT Charity Event that was inspired by Alice's Article in the Telegraph.

Carols by Candlelight
The programme from the Carols by Candlelight service that took place on december 2nd, including scaled down versions of the pictures.

Alice Martineau Appeal

A is for Alice
an In-depth look into the Alice Martineau Appeal, including the paintings that will be sold to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis

Music and Discography
Alice Martineau music Discography and Write-ups from Alice Martineau's music CDs. view this section
The Discography contains 2 sections, the first is a summary page that contains links to individual pages for each CD, and the 2nd (which is 260kb) contains the complete discography on a single page.

The If I Fall Single
On the interactive section of the If I Fall Single, there is a biography about alice, which is included here.

The Daydreams Album
The Album CD contains a booklet with the lyrics and a list of Thankyous, which has been typed up on this page.

The Too Late Promo
The Too Late Promo CD has a brief description of Alice Martineau, her Album, and career.

Alice Martineau Discography
A page with a summary containing all of the known releases by Alice Martineau, with links to pages for each CD.

The COMPLETE Alice Martineau Discography (260kb)
The complete discography containing all the information found on the individual pages for each CD, on one page.

Exclusive Content
Alice Martineau exclusives This section contains Content that is exclusive to view this section
"You Saw It Here First!" is the best description one can give to this section. Where you'll find content we have obtained before any other media source.

The If I Fall Video Shoot
An exclusive eye-witness account of the If I Fall Video Shoot, including photos of the whole setup, from Wraysbury.

The Volharding
The boat which featured throughout the If I Fall Video, this page contains information on the boat including its history and photos and pictures of the boat in various places.

Question and Answer with ICD Studios
Alice Martineau was at ICD Studios for 10 months, Colin Preston did the original production for 2 songs, and co-wrote Three Colours Blind. We spoke with Jayne Preston about Alice and her time at the studios.

Question and Answer with Howard Toshman
Howard Toshman, previously manager of pop duet Daphne and Celeste went on to work with Alice Martineau for over 1.5 years, in that time he co-wrote "The Right Time", "Too Late" and "Baby's Fine". We spoke to Howard Toshman about his time with Alice.