Screen Savers!

Alice Martineau Screen saver 1.
comes in two different sizes, the first is for 1024x768 and below, the 2nd is for 1280x1024 and above. contains text and a few pictures, its informative and advertises the site url a few times, unique style but not the best design (I did my best though!)

1024x768 and below          1280x1024 and above

Alice Martineau Screen Saver 2.
"Smiling Alice Martineau" a standard slideshow style screensaver with 7 pictures of Alice smiling, pictures are stretched to full screen size and slideshow uses various transitions. simple, effective, looks better in lower resolutions.

screen saver 2

Alice Martineau Screen Saver 3.
A 3d album screensaver, it flicks through the pages containing pictures, the screen saver displays an advert at the start and marquee at the bottom due to the program not being registered (still it looks good, and is my favourite and current screensaver :) comes as a self installing exe file, installs a small .scr file into the windows directory and a dat file in a sub directory with an uninstaller, uninstall is done via add/remove programs in the control panel.

screen saver 3

note: there are slideshow screensavers available on the web that will slideshow all the pictures in a directory for you, such programs are shareware and as such I haven't included any links, but I will recommend as a source for many shareware files.

Guitar Tabs!

If I Fall - Guitar tab
The guitar tab for Alice Martineau's If I Fall. As written and donated by Daswildthing.

If I fall Guitar tab (txt)

Inside of you - Guitar tab
The guitar tab for Alice Martineau's Inside of you. As written and donated by Daswildthing and Cheb.

Inside of you Guitar tab (txt)

disclaimer: files used at own risk, I cannot be held responsible for anything caused by downloading or running these screensavers. I have checked and double checked they are free of viruses, and they work well on my windows 98 and windows 2000 systems in various resolutions. all the screen savers were created with shareware screen saver making programs, downloaded from a reputable source and virus checked several times.