These links have been taken from the official website as I do not have permission to upload any samples.

1. If I Fall | lo / hi
2. Baby's Fine | lo / hi
3. Breathe Tonight | lo / hi
4. Inside Of You | lo / hi
5. Sweet Fantasy | lo / hi
6. Too Late | lo / hi
7. The Right Time | lo / hi
8. The Sunlight Song | lo / hi
9. Three Colours Blind | lo / hi
10. Forget What I Said | lo / hi
11. Nothing Is Forever | lo / hi

I think it is fair to say that "Inside of you" is the favourite song for most people, including Alice, but all of the songs are great so buy the album!

The album can be brought at many online stores (hmv, amazon, etc.. and yes, they should ship internationally) the single has the wonderful video shoot for "If I fall", shot in Wraysbury (see the video shoot featurette in the About Alice section of this site for exclusive info on the shoot!)